What is Myliba OKR?

What is Myliba?

 “My life balance” is our motto and the source of our name.

Myliba for individual and corporate

As an app and web, Myliba works on agile targeting protocols based on collaboration, engagement and sharing. It offers two different products together – individual and corporate.


Myliba for Corporations


This product increases employee willingness by more than  50% and loyalty by at least 2.8-fold for institutions.  It increases productivity by an average of 35% by focusing all teams and employees on the most important goal that the company wants to achieve. It facilitates Focus, Alignment, Transparency, Tracking and Development.


It uses the power of social commitment and agreement with a fair workload distribution, transparent goals and progress sharing.  The product provides the most effective and accurate insights in people analytics.


Myliba for Individuals


The product provides 360 degree Well-being for individuals, covering business and private life. Individuals share their most important goals with their family and friends.


The product aims to ensure they can obtain their support and strengthen their relationship. In personal life, “Focus, Alignment, Transparency, Tracking and Development” becomes easier.

İş ve Özel Yaşam Dengesi

Myliba offers the following advantages;

The Institutional Dimension;

    • Things speed up as the goal is accountable and the action is clarified.
    • Efficiency increases as less important and repetitive tasks are blocked.
    • Because it is based on employee willingness, there is increased commitment and willingness for meaningful results.
    • It allows employees to determine their own contributions.
    • It transparently shares the progress of all employees instantly.
    • Target and linked tasks “assign reminders, statuses and action” etc.  features improve management and focus.
    • You benefit from an instantly changing, living, live strategy map.
    • You can create fair workload balances.
    • You will have a fair appreciation and recognition system.
    • You create a 360-degree culture of wellbeing and build an efficient employee-centric culture.
    • You provide wellbeing services of all sizes to your employees.You possess the analytics to manage employee engagement and willingness.

Individual Dimension;

    • You share and balance your responsibilities.
    • You can track your workload with analytical indicators and compare it with others.
    • You have the analytical data you need to manage your work/life balance.
    • You focus on what’s most important in your life, keeping your focus.
    • You develop your strengths by familiarizing yourself with more than 30 inventory and tests.
    • With the feedback provided, you gain insight into your perception.
    • You get to know the people who give you permission and you manage your relationships.
    • You may reach dozens of wellbeing coaches and receive one-to-one services in a wide range of areas such as nutrition, diet, exercise, career advancement and individual finance.