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<p><strong>One on one conversation with work on OKR</strong></p> <p>Here are a few tips for thinking about how to have effective one on ones.</p> <ul> <li>Have regular one-on-ones</li> <li>Attend on time and with care</li> <li>Change the venue every now and then</li> <li>Listen twice, speak once</li> <li>Have a common document.</li> <li>Focus career development</li> <li>Get Feedback, Don’t Give It</li> </ul> <p>Use the time to listen and learn what is important to your employee and give your employee ownership of the agenda.</p> <p> </p>
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Do Not Take Responsibility for Others!

Responsibility and OKR   Cooperation is crucially important and is part of the satisfaction in business life. But if collaboration is starting to push your limits, you find yourself in an enslaved position. Do not take responsibility for others. Understanding your situation is a little easier if y...

Continuous One-to-One Meetings

Continuous One-on-One Meetings Continuous one-on-one Meetings in OKR and CFR Have you spoken to a valuable team member on a one-to-one basis in the last 6 months? Have you spoken with a sentence or two that will add value to them, improve them, and highlight their strengths? When have you use the la...