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<h3>OKR “Objective and Key Results”</h3> <h3><b>O</b> = <b>Objective:</b></h3> <p>“What” do you want to achieve, “Where” do you want to go? It is the definition of the target that inspires, motivates, and shows the solution. For example; “looking fit”.</p> <p> </p> <h3><b>K</b> = <b>Key:</b></h3> <p>“How” will you get, “How” will you go? It is the definition that defines the strategy that leads to the goal and reveals the  KR. For example; “Reducing the rate of body fat”.</p> <p> </p> <h3><b>R</b> = <b>Result:</b></h3> <p>“How much” will you get, How far will you go? Numerical parameters such as the number and date that will show how far you have to go to the target. For example; “Reducing the rate of body fat from 32% to 25%”.</p> <h4>Objective= Looking fit</h4> <ul> <li>Key Result 1 = To implement an exercise program that I will enjoy at the end of Q1.</li> <li>Key Result 2 = Reducing body fat from 32% to 25% in Q4.</li> <li>Key Result 3 = Ensuring 90% use of the menus I will prepare at home by enrolling on a course on healthy nutrition</li> <li>Key Result 4 = Losing 3 kg at the end of each quarter.</li> </ul> <p>Yes, it’s that simple. You’ve already learned the basics of OKR…</p> <p>Just a small caveat in the words of John Doerr;</p> <p>“OKR is a collaborative goal setting protocol for companies, teams and individuals. On the other hand, OKRs are not a magic wand. There is no substitute for sound judgment, strong leadership and a creative workplace culture. If these basic elements are available; OKRs can take you to the top.”</p>
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