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OKR and Culture Academy

Create a collaborative, interconnected, people-oriented culture of high performance.

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Let's design the workplace of the future!

High-performing teams are possible with Engaged, Talented and Eager employees!

Learning to write OKR alone is not enough! Manage Cultural change with OKR. The greatest need of these employees is a people-oriented working environment that provides collaboration and unity of purpose… How will you design this environment and make it an integral part of the culture?

By enabling employees to lead themselves first and then the process for autonomous teams that sharing knowledge and experience in a culture of cooperation where there is no hierarchy

By creating a unity of purpose with transparent and agile new generation targeting protocols, learning the OKR and CFR method and applying it in your institution.

By establishing corporate systems that focus on people and reconstructing processes such as recruitment, performance, training, compensation and benefit on the basis of Motivation 3.0 theory

OKR and Culture Academy
Educational Program

Get a “OKR and Culture Coach” certificate with a 99-hour training program.

Become a OKR and cultural change coach, facilitator and enabler of people and cultural professionals in your organization!

  • Recognising own potential and applying them to business processes

  • Approaching with a coaching mindset
  • Implementing the GROW coaching model
  • Gaining a coaching stance asking positive action questions
  • Effective feedback and presence with a coaching stance
  • Making sense with values
  • Internalizing topics with demos, cases and tools
  • 33 hours of theoretical training, demo and case studies are implemented by certified PCC level Myliba Coaches
  • Understanding and disseminating the Vision and Strategy
  • Understand and apply collaborative interconnected goal setting protocol rules- Tutorial and Workshop
  • Managing goal setting workshops and facilitations
  • OKR Best Practice – Diffusion case study
  • “Meaningful and sustained conversations with OKR one-on-one rules OKR best practice
  • One-on-one case study, 360 and business oriented feedback and appreciation
  • OKR best practice – Case studies on feedback and appreciation
  • 33 hours of theoretical training, workshops and case studies are implemented by certified PCC-level Myliba OKR Coaches
  • Motivation 3.0 and 4.0 theories and applications in business environment
  • Best practice presentations and values workshop
  • Best practice presentations and Performance development workshop
  • Employee relations and coaching workshop
  • Wage and reward workshop
  • Workshop on human analytics and its correct use in decisions
  • 33 hours of theoretical training, case studies, best practice presentations and workshops are implemented by PCC level Human and Cultural Consultants

Who should attend!

Leaders who want to increase employee enthusiasm and commitment and develop an innovative and employee-oriented culture

Professionals who want to reduce hierarchy, build autonomous teams, lead themselves and the process

Human resources professionals who want to learn or transfer new generation human and cultural practices to their institution