OKR Consultancy

OKR Consultancy and Training

Create the workplace culture of the future with the Myliba OKR and CFR.

Let's Design the Workplace of the Future

Transparent and agile with new generation targeting protocols!

The success of leaders is directly proportional to their ability to focus the entire team on the target. Whether the structure is large or small, the leader needs a strong management model and system in the following three important issues. We provide 360 degree support to leaders with Myliba consultants.

With OKRs coaching, team members contribute to the goal with maximum enthusiasm.

Working in harmony with the top goal within the teams and with other teams with OKRs consultancy

Dynamic and instant tracking of overall performance, potential and application with the Myliba Platform.

Potential and Performance Development Consultancy

Get corporate consulting to enable your employees and leaders to effectively use and disseminate OKRs and CFRs within the organization. Manage your corporate culture with

Corporate Culture Analysis

OKRs Coaching

We provide a complete development and change process with software, training and coaching to create a culture of high performance in your organization using OKRs. Let all your employees receive OKRs training and coaching, powered by the GROW model, without budget constraints

CFRs Coaching

Setting clear goals is important, but not sufficient. Continuous meaningful dialogue, feedback and appreciation are essential and add momentum to cultural change. We have specially designed this training and coaching process to use all three strengths with the right techniques and at the right time

Cultural Transformation Circles

The speed, creativity and enthusiasm that trust will add to your team are the characteristics of a team that every leader dreams of. If you, as a leader, want to create a culture of trust, we offer you the recipe. Confidence and showing confidence will be a part of your culture with the circles we focus on in the 12+1 universal principle, which we call the "butterfly effect"

Corporate Culture Analysis

Executional heartbeat and performance culture level are show us if your organization is healthy or not. We mesure your performance culture level and manage executinal heartbeat together with you to guide you to strategy alignment.