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OKR and Culture Management Software

Collaborative goal setting protocol is in Myliba’s DNA.

Myliba Corporate

Myliba has been specially designed to ensure that enthusiastic and competent employees are able to provide their maximum contribution and reach their maximum potential. We enable your company to focus on what matters most, with a targeting protocol based on collaboration, loyalty and sharing.

Instant target and progress tracking

Your employees focus on your most important goals. Teams are aligned with the goals that matter most. Instant follow-up and social engagement increase commitment to the goal. Progress in three dimensions, the name we give to the beating heart of the management, is shared regularly by the employees, thus guaranteeing harmony between strategy, implementation and reaching the target.

Organic Organization

Goals, actions and all related employee movements allow you to see your organic organization independently of your official organization. Hierarchy disappears, agile teams are formed naturally and individuals do not hesitate to announce their own contributions in this horizontal organic structure.

The five guiding forces of Myliba Corporate

The platform’s 5 guiding forces, which are fully compatible with next-generation collaboration, loyalty and sharing-based targeting protocols, provide average gains of 35% in terms of efficiency, 80% in Cohesion and a 2.8-fold improvement in employee loyalty

Leadership Development with Myliba for Individuals

People easily transfer the targeting protocol which they have learned in their work, both with the system we use and with the strengthening of individual leadership.

Individual Goals and Actions

Myliba enables individuals to identify their most important goals and share them with the people they want to include. They clarify their contribution and track their progress.

360 degree Wellbeing

It is a module created to meet the coaching, mentoring and expertise needs of employees for their business and personal goals. 360 degree support is provided to meet all kinds of needs for employee well-being.

Individual Inventory, Survey and 360 degrees

360 degree competency assessments, personality inventories and self-perception surveys are administered by the employee. Individuals who collect feedback and insights in both their work and personal life focus solely on developing their potential.


Individual Reports

Individual reports and insights offer significant awareness and serious potential for development. The owner of all personal reports is the employee. They share these reports with the manager and institution at their own request and approval. The institution may view the inventory and 360 degree surveys anonymously on a team basis.