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Continuous One-to-One Meetings

Continuous One-on-One Meetings Continuous one-on-one Meetings in OKR and CFR Have you spoken to a valuable team member on a one-to-one basis in the last 6 months? Have you spoken with a sentence or two that will add value to them, improve them, and highlight their strengths? When have you use the la...
What's OKRs?

A Two-Minute Crash Course Into What OKR are!

A Two-Minute Crash Course Into What OKR Are! OKRs date back to Peter Drucker’s MBOs. With his psychology and sociology studies at Intel, Andrew Grove transformed Peter Drucker’s MBO method to create OKRs. Transferring the model to John Doerr, who started out as an intern, and John Doerr&...
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My Life Balance Model

Happiness requires a balanced life first! As the requirements of “continuous change”, the number of things we need to learn in order to keep up-to-date grows, as our roles differ, as responsibilities increase, as business and personal life goals come together and confusion grows, do the things...