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<p><strong>OKR</strong> is a collaborative goal setting protocol for companies, teams and individuals.</p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">O = <strong>Objective</strong>: “What” do you want to achieve, “Where” do you want to go? It is the definition of the target that inspires, motivates, and shows the solution. For example; “looking fit”</span></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">K = <strong>Key</strong>: “How” will you get, “How” will you go? It is the definition that defines the strategy that leads to the goal and reveals the success criteria and criteria. For example; “Reducing the rate of body fat</span></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">R = <strong>Result</strong>: “How much” will you get, How far will you go? Numerical parameters such as the number and date that will show how far you have to go to the target. For example; “Reducing the rate of body fat from 32% to 25%”</span></p>
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Life Balance with OKR

Life Balance and Work Integration with OKR and Myliba

  Life balance and work integration with OKR and Myliba is a future work place idea! Because, being unemployed was once considered a serious trauma. But, these days there are professionals who easily quit their job to try something different, develop a new skill, or go after their aspirations. So, ...

Do Not Take Responsibility for Others!

Responsibility and OKR   Cooperation is crucially important and is part of the satisfaction in business life. But if collaboration is starting to push your limits, you find yourself in an enslaved position. Do not take responsibility for others. Understanding your situation is a little easier if y...

Continuous and Meaningful Feedback

Meaningful feedback; It should contain what is needed and include empathy. It should be given on time, just when needed. The package should be attractive and should motivate when opened. It should serve a constructive, developing, value-adding future-oriented result....

Continuous One-to-One Meetings

Continuous One-on-One Meetings Continuous one-on-one Meetings in OKR and CFR Have you spoken to a valuable team member on a one-to-one basis in the last 6 months? Have you spoken with a sentence or two that will add value to them, improve them, and highlight their strengths? When have you use the la...
my Agile Life Principles

My Agile Life Principles

Be agile in work and life matters How Did My Agile Life Principles Come About? It is sometimes very difficult to learn a skill we want, to complete a project that will improve our career – that is, to continue a job we need to continue and to maintain the same high level of motivation. [&helli...
What's OKRs?

A Two-Minute Crash Course Into What OKR are!

A Two-Minute Crash Course Into What OKR Are! OKRs date back to Peter Drucker’s MBOs. With his psychology and sociology studies at Intel, Andrew Grove transformed Peter Drucker’s MBO method to create OKRs. Transferring the model to John Doerr, who started out as an intern, and John Doerr&...