Best OKR and Culture Transformation Platform

Time is the single most valuable resource that cannot be bought with money, that cannot be slowed, and which is provided to all people equally!  What makes the difference is the energy you place into spending your time focused on your desires!

Our aim

Combining 23 years of human resources and organizational development experience with our 20 years of experience in the technology sector, we serve both corporate leaders and professionals who seek success in digital transformation processes.


 “To provide the most effective software, consultancy and digital solution that will bring individuals and companies to their maximum performance and potential by focusing their energy and time on their desired goals.”


Why do we use the OKRs and CFRs methods?

Balance relationships with CFRs

Trust is the foundation of every relationship.  The cornerstones of a culture of trust are open communication, feedback to increase self-efficacy, and seeing and appreciating success.  By placing these three well-intentioned behavior models in Myliba, we aimed to make it easier for you to form a habit.

Balancing responsibilities with OKRs

If you don’t focus, you can’t succeed. We designed the world’s simplest but most effective individual and corporate targeting system as the basic modules of Myliba so you may set your goals by focusing on your vision and strategy and broadcast.

We work hard!

Human beings are social creatures. No success in the world belongs to one person alone. The 10,000 hour rule only becomes a success if the conditions are ready and all associated and connected people support it. We have already completed 10,000 hours of experience in human resources and have hadded 10,000 hours of people and culture management to this process and combined it with the third 10,000 hours of experience in technology. We stand ready to maximize your potential.

Privacy and Security


Security and privacy are very important.  


We keep your account safe with encryption of personal data, 2-factor authentication and mail verification.  With end-to-end encryption, we do not want anyone, including us, to access your data.

Our History

Myliba’s development journey started when one of our founders, Dilek, was curious about Google’s employee policies while she was working as a human resources manager in the telecommunications industry in 2017.

Google's OKRs

March 1

We learned about OKRs while working at our Google partner in 2018.  In 2019 we started to look deeply into OKRs in the UK. It was a system which was simple and easy to understand. We started to implement it in 2020 as a goal setting a protocol based on collaboration and commitment.

CFR and a Culture of Trust

July 4

In 2020, we realized the most important thing to know about the OKR was that it was an easy-to-learn targeting system, but in a culture of trust, it was difficult to succeed without CFR (conversations- feedback- recognition/appreciation)!  We started consulting and managing culture change projects.

Software Idea Supporting OKRs And CFRs

July 5

We have seen the difficulty of cultural transformation when it is not supported by powerful software. This idea led us to the idea of ​​a skeleton software which would generate all kinds of human analytics.  Moreover, we realized that it could also be used individually to provide a work/life balance. Thus, backed by Gürkan’s and Okan’s ideas and experience in the technological aspect, Myliba was born as a product and company on July 5, 2022

My Life Balance

September 1

In 2022, Myliba was introduced to users as a digital sharing platform which allows them to manage their responsibilities and relationships in a balanced way, focusing on achieving life balance and work integration.