Life Balance with OKR


Life balance and work integration with OKR and Myliba is a future work place idea! Because, being unemployed was once considered a serious trauma. But, these days there are professionals who easily quit their job to try something different, develop a new skill, or go after their aspirations. So, is it possible to find a job where we both realize our wishes and dreams and work with pleasure and work for a long time? This is a life balance and work integration issue!


Many studies say that young people don’t quite believe it. Those who believe that their dream and desired job will be achieved either work in more than one project-based job or prefer to start their own business. The situation called work and private life balance, which creates the impression that it should be 50-50%, does not reflect the reality of people.


Real Life Balance

Because in essence, balancing your life for people encompasses everything. Family, friends, health, mental state… Our perspective should not be 50% -50% balancing of work. Work, like all other dimensions, should be integrated into life balance as an important dimension. While an employee on the path of self-improvement may spend his days, another employee who specializes in his/her job maybe should be able to allocate only hours for the same job. 


This is a matter of priorities and goals, and the employee should have all the say. We will continue to discuss otherwise meaningless hours and KPIs. A flexible work environment, the right goals, and it’s not hard to move into a business world where only progress and goal are important.



How many hours did you work? 

Where did you work from? 

What are your KPIs? 


place of questions,


Which OKR (purpose) did you focus on?

What progress have you shared according to your contribution?

What meaningful results did you achieve?

must have questions.


Working hours and place of work are irrelevant unless your job inherently requires physical presence. It’s not about balancing work and private life, it’s about flexibly integrating work into life… It doesn’t matter if you work with multiple companies or a single company.


The important thing is to have coaches who allow you to set goals that will develop your potential with clear OKRs (Objective and Key Results). Enjoying working in cultures that use CFR (meaningful dialogue, feedback, feed-forward and recognition) for clear purposes. If you dream of working in such cultures, start experimenting with Myliba.