Are you afraid scaled

Announce your contribution! Making your contribution clear sends a powerful message about you. In teams with change and transformation, these powerful messages can scare you a little. If you feel some degree of trepidation, it means you are on the right track.

In particular, when you announce a great contribution which will enable the team to move forward;

  • Your self-confidence increases
  • Your desire and motivation grow
  • Your decision becomes easier

In each step towards the goal;

  • Your job satisfaction increases
  • Your confidence grows
  • You are appreciated more

If your company uses an effective targeting protocol, you know what to do as a team. Announce your contribution in confidence! This clarity is important in demonstrating how you will contribute to the business. For example, let’s suppose you are working as a veterinarian in a social company which aims to protect stray animals and the number of sick animals has started to increase in your area. You work as a team to reduce the levels of illness and have discussed several different ideas and decided to try the solution you thought would be most effective in your area. A goal and success criterion like the one below would allow you to clearly demonstrate your contribution to the team and the business.

Objective: To activate the program that will ensure regular vaccination of stray animals in the third quarter.

Key Result: Clarify sponsorships to ensure a regular vaccine supply in the first quarter.

Key Result: Train local volunteer organizations to work in the vaccination process in the second quarter.

Key Result: Complete the vaccination process of all stray animals in the eight designated neighborhoods in the third quarter.

Transparently sharing your progress with other teammates on a weekly basis, and knowing their goals and where they are provides the greatest opportunities for appreciation and recognition.

For example, a volunteer in another team which provides food can see your goal and support you wit

Objective: Establish feeding and clean water stations for stray animals involved in the vaccination process and work with local volunteers.


Key Result: Build a network of volunteers in the first quarter to ensure a regular food supply.

Key Result: Activate 32 food and water stations in eight regions in the second quarter.

Key Result: Establish a system that will ensure that animals coming to the stations for feeding are included in the vaccination process and are marked.

This is just one example. In such a project, each contribution and the result achieved will be clearly revealed and successes will be celebrated together. For example, when your friend, who aims to establish 32 food stations, commissions the first three stations, this is a step that should be noticed and appreciated.


At the end of the day, you realize that;


 “I am not alone! There are many people who need to contribute to the goal. Success is not necessarily about reaching the big goal, but rather about moving towards the goal together and helping each other improve.”


As in these examples, high value proposition goals increase job satisfaction because they are focused on intrinsic motivation, not financial gain. Even if there is no financial gain, as in voluntary work, putting forth the contribution clearly keeps you connected to the target and in the flow. It unveils your willingness, because you have decided how you will contribute to the team and you are connected with each other. Moreover, when you announce this decision to the whole team, it means that the social agreement between you and the team is complete. This social agreement is your intrinsic motivation to keep you flowing and increase your self-confidence at every step.


Announcing your contribution and transparently sharing your progress makes you a sought-after and trusted team member ;))