Imagine the place you want to reach. Conjuring up the image in your mind with words is the first step of goal setting. Set and announce your OKR!


Goals are hope. It is the motivation to live. What you want to achieve is your goal. It triggers hope, motivation and energy when we begin to dream about the things we want.


In order to achieve them, it is necessary to set goals and announce them, because no goal is achieved alone!



“Imagine and picture the details in your mind, and describe your picture.”

Imagination and imagery are perhaps the most challenging parts and need to be supported by the most data, since they are at a point that guides the goal-setting process and ensures success. Whether you are an individual who has taken charge of their life or a CEO who has expanded these responsibilities and is likely to have more people in their sphere of influence, you focus on the same core areas of life.


Family, Health, Work, Friends, Career; the goals you will add to these five basic life areas will allow you to mentally focus on your life balance.


Let’s create OKR for Wellbeing!

It is vital that you set the right OKR for the right focus. If you are wondering about the rules and models of setting the right goal individually and institutionally, please refer to the article entitled “The Formula of the OKR” for more detailed information.


For example, if the goal is simply to maintain a good family life, you’ll likely set a goal that will maintain that order. Alternatively, if there is a period in your business life when you have difficulty in reaching your goal, you should shift your time investment in time to this aspect.

What will your family say about this? What risks will increase if you do not use the time you take from them correctly?



OKR for Wellbeing
OKR example of CEO life balancing

Share your OKR!

As your goals expand and you learn about the expectations of other people around you who have different goals from you, your dream goal also changes shape. Your family, friends… their goals and what they expect from you start to shape your goals. As what you expect from others to reach your goals, and what they expect from you to achieve their own goals are defined, a game of balance begins for happiness and peace.


For example, if one partner in a marriage wants to lose weight, the partner who cooks healthy food is sharing the responsibility. The colleague who offers support and ideas to the project of the teammate who seeks to be promoted is creating synergy. The company should increase employee engagement, to achieve Company top OKR. For all of them, balancing responsilities and sharing expectations is a fundamental approach.


Balancing responsilities and sharing expectations

If we manage to keep our lives in balance, it is because we have clearly defined and shared our purpose. We must allow other people to determine their own contribution to what needs to be done. They should determine how much support they will provide according to their own responsibilities and expectations. We must understand the support we can get and develop strategies to increase support if we need more. Again and again, we must align our goal with other people’s responsibilities and expectations as needed. Life is a game of balance!


Use Myliba to play this balance game most effectively, set your OKR, announce it and get maximum support.