Happiness requires a balanced life first!


As the requirements of “continuous change”, the number of things we need to learn in order to keep up-to-date grows, as our roles differ, as responsibilities increase, as business and personal life goals come together and confusion grows, do the things that seem like an avalanche headed towards you intimidate you? What do you do for the effective management of your time and goals, the management of time and priorities – in other words, the “My Life Balance Model”, which, in Covey’s words, is necessary for the first three personal achievements on the basis of being an effective person?



At this point, we would like to propose a model for you. With the “My Life Balance Model”, you will be able to focus on your career goals (such as work, personal development, hobbies) and personal goals (such as family, friends and health), and manage your own performance with the support of others, because a balanced life is reliant on you being able to manage your responsibilities and relationships in a balanced way. We offer you two models to achieve this balance; OKRs and CFRs.

Life Balance
Balanced relationships and balanced responsibilities

We have seen that this method used by successful companies in the business world can also be used in our private lives. Whether we take this at a corporate level or in our personal lives, we basically ask the same questions for success.


In particular, if you are reading this article with the aim of designing of a corporate performance management process, let me tell you right away that if you only focus on the right column of the chart and think about answers to job-related questions, you need to change your perspective, because the answers to the questions on the personal side also affect the success of your company. Now read the questions again, but this time consider that it’s you or the employee at the center. Try to answer it by thinking about your life in 360 degrees, your family, your friends, your job and your career… Because when we come to your company, the employees will be at the center! We will give them the tools to be successful not only at work but also in life.


The one indisputable truth


As happiness increases, success grow

The performance of individuals is shaped by the culture they live in. Four important steps lead us to success when managing time and priorities.


“Set your goal, create synergies with others, collaborate and obtain their feedback back to the beginning.”


These four steps definitely work when taught to individuals acting together. In the family, at work, and in every team, an agreed-upon and defined goal is eventually achieved. But has there been success? Has this goal been achieved on time, with a value created in the middle and with a result that makes all parties happy? Does the place you have reached resemble the destination you had imagined you first set out? Was the length of the route, the number of obstacles, and the amount of time, energy and resources you invested in your solutions worth it? Here is where the real problem starts. We are all focused on setting a goal and achieving it, both in our personal lives and in our work. We all work hard and expend energy, but are our results worth it? If so, happiness follows. So how do you guarantee happiness?


How do you use your time, energy and resources most efficiently on an uncertain route to the destination?


Our aim is to provide you with a simple piece of software to do this and to teach you the basic cultural elements that will ensure sustainability.


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