Achieve your top goals with highly engaged, talented, and motivated teams!

We provide the platform, tools and analytics your teams need to develop a high performance culture.

See the impact of cultural change on results

Focuses On Strategy

It removes the disconnection between corporate strategy and execution. Feedback and feedforward, recognition and all communication are shaped instantly at the focus of the strategy.

İş ve Özel Yaşam Dengesi
Provides Transparency

It makes the strategic connection and contribution of each person and team to the target transparent. Team members and the team manage their own performance

Organization By Strategy

Myliba allows you to organize according to the requirements of your strategy, not your formal organization. Teams come together instantly for the target.

Who is using Myliba?

Companies that willing to train OKR and Culture coaches from within to focus all people in their organization on a common meaning and purposes

Professionals who aim to create high-performance teams driven by common goals, willingness, and commitment.

Human Resources professionals who aim to acquire knowledge and skills in OKR (Objectives and Key Results), CFR (Continuous Feedback and Recognition), and Culture coaching, which are important professions of the future.

Manage All Company Goals From a Single Screen

By determining your goals and success criteria, you can create a very simple map that your team can connect flexibly.