Harness your full potential with Myliba

Balance and integrate your personal and professional life with Myliba using the magic of agile practice and collaborative goal setting protocol OKR. 

Balance your life with OKR!

Set OKRs for wellbeing or Set OKRs for career success

in one and unique Myliba OKR platform, up to you!

We keep you focused on what matters most

Focus on your goals using the OKRs protocol and monitor your instant performance. Build the most accurate route in uncertainty, the strongest strategy, with the contribution of others

İş ve Özel Yaşam Dengesi
Draw on the support
of others

Share the Myliba app and web platform for free to all your loved ones, where you can manage both your business and private life on the same platform but completely separate from each other. Make tasks fun with collaboration and sharing

Manage your approvals and communication

Approve, connect, modify or share your responsibility depending on your goals and tasks. Manage all communication from a single point

Dialogue, Feedback, Feedforward and Recognition

Measure your perceived level of success with feedback and feedforward as you complete tasks related to your goals. Use CFRs to focus on communication that is continuous, meaningful, and most important to you

Who is using Myliba?

Innovative and employee-oriented organizations which aim to increase employee willingness and engagement

Leaders seeking to contribute to clear, shared and inspiring goals by bridging the gap between strategy and execution

Professionals seeking to balance their life, integrate it with work and manage it effectively while managing multiple roles, projects and goals at the same time

Organize your business or life in minutes with Myliba App and Web

What are you looking for?

What is most important to your personal and career life? Turn this request into a goal. Share your goal! What do you need to do in the next 3 or 6 months to achieve this?

Which way will you go?

So how do you know you're on the right track? Which indicators will guide you? Define success indicators! Build your strategy, identify the numerical outputs that will guide you in realizing this strategy and place your milestones to achieve them.

What is your first step?

Set your steps for tomorrow and this weekend! Seek the input and approval of others. Find synergy and speed. Announce what you've accomplished on the road.

Maximize Your Potential with OKRs and CFRs in Your Life and Business!

Collaborative and interconnected targeting protocols increase productivity by an average of 35 percentage, creating 2.8 times more engaged and enthusiastic employees.

Your most valuable resources when investing are time and energy.Your real potential is revealed when you focus your time and energy on the most important goal. It is important to set the right target and focus on it in your workplace and private life in order to reveal the potential and use it in the most correct way. Learn the formula for setting the right goal in our OKR training.
Using this formula, you will identify your motivations, strategies, milestones and meaningful outputs that will keep you committed to your goal. You will learn how to draw on the cooperation and support of others.
Experience all aspects of collaboration and commitment-based targeting protocols with the training and one-to-one coaching which we provide within the scope of the consultancy. Integrate and balance your work and private life with the Myliba platform.

Life balance and work integration Dashboards for Individuals

My life is balanced, my work is integrated!

Track your goals with meaningful and analytical indicators specific to you. Your family, friendship, health or career… write OKR and create your actions for well-being with the subject you want to improve and balance the most.

How focused you are, how consistent you are with your promises to yourself, the contribution you provide or receive from others, and much more…

Objectives Module

In this module, targets and success criteria can be determined according to the OKRs method and spread within a group or company. Instant progress can be followed by connecting with actions.

Actions Module

This is a shared to-do or task list where you can follow your instant, daily, weekly actions and tasks. It can be used as a single module or used in life balance analysis by connecting with the objective module.

Feed360 Module

This is the module which receives feedback from others through your outputs for completed goals and actions. It includes a wide array of 360 tools, inventory and surveys which you can start yourself.

Reporting Module

A mobile and web reporting module where you can receive a wide selection of reports individually or as a team. Only you and the people you allow can see your individual reports.